ASSP works in some of the most remote areas of DRC where there is little access to modern methods of communication and few resources available. These rural settings pose many complications for project management and data collection. Using Open Data Kit (ODK) software on Android phones has provided a reliable method for communicating with remote teams and collecting high-quality data.

ASSP began using ODK to track and map mass bed net distributions while also collecting demographic information in Kasai. Since then ODK has improved programming and data collection in several areas including nutrition, WASH, behavior change communication, finance and human resources.

ASSP has tracked the distribution of over 1.3 million nets in 456,000 households using ODK through its Hang Up mass distribution campaigns in Kasai and Nord Ubangi Provinces.

ODK Applications in ASSP Programs

ASSP has harnessed the power of ODK to not only improve the quality of data collected but to also improve transparency of operations and project management in the following ways:


Tracking nets – over 1.3 million nets tracked during HUT campaigns

Net monitoring – through our Post Distribution Check Ups we have routinely surveyed 5% of households in Nord Ubangi and Kasai to monitor net usage

Demographic surveys – we’ve collected demographic data from more than 456,000 households in Nord Ubangi and Kasai

7,248 community health workers have been trained in data collection using smartphones. Many had never used a smartphone before.


Health center needs assessments – once completed used reports to develop a budget for WASH interventions

Reporting on progress for WASH construction


Routine supervision of malnourished children in the Kasai.  More than 2100 recorded to date.

Assessments of community gardens coupled with training. (1800+ records)

Assessments of community meetings.  (1800+ records)

Recently completed data gathering portion for a study with the National Program for Nutrition (PRONANUT) in Mikope and Djoko Punda health Zones. (1800+ records)


97% of health areas mapped in Nord Ubangi, Maniema, Tshopo and Kasai through Ambassador program.

Interactive map of net distributions (see below)


BCC surveys –  the communications program piggybacked the malaria program PDCU surveys to collect valuable information on behaviors and perceptions to improve its behavior change communications for malaria, family planning, WASH, and nutrition programs.

Ambassador event reporting

Focus group research

Supervision reporting

Convenience surveys of participants


Submitting receipts for gas and use of pirogues in rural locations

Human Resources

Submitting timesheets from rural locations

Project activity monitoring from afar


Certification of solar fridges and solar light installations via ODK submissions

This is an interactive map of our Nyanga bed net distribution in Kasai. Click on any point to see a photo of the recipient with their net.


Available for Download

ASSP ODK Applications – August 2018 (pdf)

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