19 Oct

Dr. Scott Shannon

Dr. Shannon grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo where his father worked as a missionary ophthalmologist for the Presbyterian Mission Agency in the Kasais.

Dr. Shannon pursued higher education in the United States and went into medicine. He chose primary care and, during residency and then fellowship training (through which he received an MSPH degree), he got involved in medical education. Dr. Shannon initially returned to Africa to help initiate a master’s in family medicine program in partnership with Moi University in Kenya. From there, his journey continued with a group of South Sudanese-Canadians who had received medical degrees in Cuba but were sent to Canada as refugees. Due to their desire to return as physicians to South Sudan, Dr. Shannon agreed to organize training programs for them in Kenya and help arrange a return to their native South Sudan. IMA helped secure funding for that training and, upon completion of those programs, Dr. Shannon helped IMA open offices in South Sudan as IMA was asked to play a leading role in developing a new health system for the soon-to-be new nation of South Sudan. Dr. Shannon spent about two years as the Southern Sudan representative for IMA World Health before returning to Canada where he helped teach at McMaster University and practiced family medicine alongside his wife for a few years.

In July 2014, Dr. Shannon returned to DRC in the capacity of deputy country director and now deputy chief of party on the ASSP project.

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